Words With Friends New Years Eve Tournament: the Scoreboard

Once you have finished your game, the loser (LOSER!) must report the scores here. Please include the name of each player, the time the game ended, and each players score below. Be nice. An example is below. When the game is over, players should add themselves to the Pool and start a new game. Stuck? Not surprised, this is being made up as I go. See the rules.

Game ending at 10:25pm MT
  • Konarheim 353
  • cogdog 323

Game ending at 9:15am 1/1/2011
  • cogdog 405
  • Adrienne_am 284

Game ending at 9:45pm PST
  • OrganizedChaos 399
  • Jentropy 370

Game ending at 1:35 pm PST
  • Themba-y 461
  • organizedChaos 456

Game ending at 18:21 1/4/2011 EST

  • Themba-y 460
  • cogdog 365