A Walk in the Blue Mountains with Alan Levine and Friends

Please note: Daylight Savings ends Sunday, so you need to put your clocks forward one hour!

The plan

A walk in the Blue Mountains combined with great conversations with some great people during the walk and on the train trip up and back from Sydney. Sean's hope was that we could bring a bunch of great people together and see what happens - /cogdog/1635297552/

The process

Note: In the absence of any other suggestions Alan and Sean have decided that a walk near Katoomba is the best option.... see below.

We want you to help organise this. We need suggestions for a walk and alternative activities (see below). Hey, why not use a wiki? Plan the perfect trip and all. This wiki page is public, so jump in and edit.

Check this page's discussion for talk of ideas.

Keep an eye out for updates on Alan's tour blog -

When is it?

Sunday the 28th October, 2007

Leaving Central Station at 9.18am. We can meet under the big clock on the country platform (upstairs) around 9.00am.

Here is the train route if you would like to pick it up along the way -

Please note: Daylight Savings ends Sunday, so you need to put your clocks forward one hour!

Who can attend?

Anyone - this is an open invitation to anyone who would like to spend a day trip on a walk in the Mountains with Alan and his friends.

Who is attending

If you plan to come, add your name below, along with optionally where you are from, your blog url, your twitter account, etc.

I'm not in Sydney... can I come too?

Of course! Whether you are keen (mad) enough to travel from further afield or live in the Mountains everyone is welcome. And no, this will not be streamed live on! Sometimes you just need to disconnect.

Can I come if I don't want to do the walk?

Sure... we will have options for those who wish to join us for the train trip, but not the walk.


By train, leaving Central Station at 9.18am (meet under the big clock on the country platform at 9.00am), arriving at Katoomba Station at 11.22am. Any locals or anyone driving can meet up with us at Katoomba Station.

Here is the train route if you would like to pick it up along the way -

Contact info

If you need to link up with those going up on the train or non-walkers you can call Jo Kay on 0405-179-622.

The walk

We have decided to do one of the walks below Katoomba. On the day we will decide on a half-day walk that's enough of a challenge to make the trip worthwhile, but not so much a challenge it excludes too many people. Sean will bring print-outs of trail information.

The lookout area (Echo Point) and the beginning of the tracks is 2km from Katoomba station, but there's plenty to see on the way as we pass through the main street of Katoomba. We can also have a coffee on the way down. (Walkers should bring or buy a packed lunch),

We can arrange a time for walkers and non-walkers to meet up after for a coffee or drink and maybe a meal before heading back to Sydney.

Alternative activities

There will be plenty of alternative activities (cafes and sightseeing) for non-walkers (e.g. see Katoomba Heritage and Art Walk). Non-walkers can sort themselves out when they get there.



Walking track info


What to bring

  • Packed lunch if you are coming on the walk.
  • Good walking shoes (runners are ok)
  • Warm and waterproof clothing - the weather can change quickly.
  • Hat and sunscreen.
  • Plenty of water.
  • Camera.
  • Bag for rubbish.
  • Chocolate (for Sean).

Tag it!

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