Words With Friends New Years Eve Tournament

I'm snowed in and cannot get to my planned New Years Eve party, so am proposing an informal Words with Friends tournament. If you sign up, you agree to play vigorously, quickly, so we can get through a lot of games. No prizes, just fun, and bragging rights. And I am making up the rules as we go,


  1. You must sign up below by 5:00pm PT This wikipage will be locked from edits at that point.. The first pairings will be posted by 6:00pm PT to the WWF 2011 Pool.
  2. Play your games as fast as possible so we can get through a lot of them!
  3. When the game ends, the loser must post the scores on the WWF 2011 Scoreboard
  4. Add your name to the bottom of the WWF 2011 Pool.
  5. Start a new game with the person at the top of the list of the WWF 2011 Pool.
  6. Once the new game has started, clear both of your names from the of the WWF 2011 Pool.
  7. The games will go as long as people still are playing.

Who Wants to Play?

Add your Words With Friends name to the list below. This list will be open until 5:00pm PT tonight. The players list is CLOSED!

  • cogdog
  • jentropy (@injenuity on twitter)
  • msstewart (small possibility I won't be able to play for long)
  • Adrienne_am (@amichetti on twitter)
  • eyefood (tried to play, bit DJ354 never responded, late in the UK)
  • DJ345 (has not responded)
  • organizedChaos
  • Konarheim (already celebrating, so will try as best I can, plus I already got confused and edited the wrong page! Oops)

First Matches start at 6:00pm PT

  • Konarheim vs cogdog
  • organizedChaos vs jentropy
  • DJ345 vs eyefood
  • cogdog vs Adrienne_am