I Did Not Know You Could Do That with Free Web Tools

There are more than enough blogs, conference presentations extollling the future of the Read/Write web tools like blogs and wikis, but I am looking for lesser known things that one can do on the web with common web tools or some specialized web tools that do things that would perhaps spark the interest of an educator. The only limit is it must be compeltely on a public web page and free to use. So what is your favorite, least known web trick?

This will be part of a demo I will do for the K12 Online conference in late October, 2006, and if you leave your name or blog link, you shall receive glorious attribution. I will seed this with a few starters, but how about proving what a wiki does best? If you have a link of an example or a blog entry with some explanation, toss it into the mix. Hey thanks for the wiki-action! keep 'em coming, and include, if possible, specific links as examples of what is described. I an really looking for something more specific than just the name of the tool (I know Writely is cool, but what is a specific neat trick IN Writely that makes it uber cool??)

  • Creating hotspots / annotated images in flickr http://cogdogblog.com/2004/10/11/flickr-object/ http://flickr.com/photos/ha112/901660/
  • Create a logo with flickr / Spell With Flickr http://www.metaatem.net/words/ http://cogdogblog.com/2005/03/25/more-frivolous/
  • Use del.icio.us to tag a set of mp3s, and use as a podcast feed and use Playtagger for in screen audio player http://tim.lauer.name/2005/07/23/creating-custom-podcast-feeds-using-delicious/
  • Create a Google Map with MapBuilder http://www.mapbuilder.net/
  • Create flow charts and graphics with LucidChart (free edu accounts) or Gliffy http://cogdogblog.com/2006/07/01/gliffy-is-jiffy/
  • When I post a video to my Blip.tv it will make a thumbnail of the video and send it to my flickr account with a link back to the video; it will take the tags I've used to describe the video and add them to my del.icio.us account; it will send a copy of my video to my Internet Archive, in will post the video to one of my blogs clean - without logs, adds and watermarks :) It also tucks me into bed at night...
  • Instead of boring old PowerPoint I use GIMP to create image stacks and upload them to Flickr and/or Bubbleshare (where I can add 30 sec of audio per slide).
  • edit and remix a video online with eyespot
  • create a s5 slideshow using one of these online services
  • use an aggregating service like superglu or feedburner to roll toggether a set of student del.icio.us feeds to create a shared class resource list
  • Cool tool over at Flickr's Public API pages: "Retrievr." Sketch a simple graphic, press go, and the tool retrieves Flickr images that match the graphic's shape. Some of the matches are obvious, some less so. Great eye training for a visual arts class, and much fun to boot.
  • google spreadsheets
  • Empressr to display the presentation.
  • PXN8 to edit photographs.
  • Don't forget Odeo for audio and podcasts.
  • And there is also Hellodeo for video now
  • Writely for colaborative writing and google spreadsheets (I think it also has a live chat feature like writely) and irows (spreadsheet) and thinkfree (office suite) all of which have a publish to blog feature.
  • It's not free, but demonstrates how technical help can be deployed. HelpDesk. Why can't school boards build something like that to support teachers and kids - remote diagnostic tools, remote desktop sharing etc.
  • WikiMapia Google map as a wiki? The map interface is open to anyone who wants to describe a specific location, so an activity could be having learners research and annoate an area they know well (or do not know at all)
  • Vyew - An free webinar solution. As good as webex, none of the cost!
  • PBWiki is making a huge effort to gain ground amongst educators. You can now save their wiki's as PDF's, view them online in a powerpoint type format, and like wikispaces, you can get the ads removed if you're an educator.
  • Flock. 'nuff said.
  • MyPlick - Free Web2.0 presentation/slideshow sharing tool. Enjoy lots of funny slideshows on the site. Upload your cool powerpoint and immediately share it with your friends. You also have the option to remix sound with it.
  • NotLong - create a short descriptive redirect to a long url
  • YouSendIt - share a file that's over the limit to attach or embed