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    Do you know of other educational examples done in web video sites?
    * Alan Kay: Education in the Digital Age
    * How to Create a SkypeCast a screencast by Wesley Fryer made for the K12 Online Conference
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    * Spiral Notebook - A Teacher’s Tour of YouTube

    What Would You Like to Know About Web Video?

    • What are the limitations of web video? Space? Size? type of video? comparitively speaking. Anyone have a spreadsheet view?
      • A: It varies with the service you use. YouTube's limit is 10 minutes or 100 Mb; Google has no limit (but you need a desktop application for files bigger than 100 Mb); blip.tv has no limit, but recommends less than 100 Mb. You might want to see the comparison by DV Guru
    * Is there certain types of video that are discouraged from posting - ie. screencast over live person?
      • The only discouragement is to not post videos you lack the rights to do so. There is no reason why not to upload wither type you mention. Screencasts generally comrpess well, but keep in mind they can be about half the size or more of your originals. See Wesley's example above. Live people work well, since there is typically not a lot of movement. But you can also upload any original video you may author in desktop software, so it could be a narrated slideshow type, or a home movie, or.....