Strawberry Cybersalon

CyberSalon Meeting in Strawberry?

I'm offering my place in Strawberry (where the heck is that?) for a CyberSalon Meeting / WordPress Party (hey, it means I dont have to drive to the valley). It is about an hour and 45 minutes from Phoenix. I definitely have wireless, a grill, running water, indoor plumbing (1 bathroom), plus mountain views, and a hot tub ;-)

There's room to stay over, though the whole house is about 900 sq ft; I have a queen size bed, a queen sized futon, a single roll-away, extra floor space, and some creaky cots. And wireless. Or the Strawberry Lodge is nearby for the quaint factor. Feel free to bring guest(s). Pack a swim suit or your modesty for the hot tub. Note there are 2 driveways, the one in front of the shed has space for 3 vehicles.

It happens May 3, 2008!
We voted! Here's the scoop. I am returning from Austin on a flight landing in Phoenix at 2:20pm, so I should be home by 5:00 PM. If you venture up to the Rim early, I suggest:
  • Sidewinders Saloon in Pine for drinks
  • Sportsmans's Chalet or Mogollon Grill in Strawberry for drinks
  • For lunch, in Pine, HBs (good grub), Pine Deli (fresh sandwiches and soup), Pine Verde (mexican) for lunch (avoid Nifty Fifties, blecch)
  • Visit Fossil Creek Llama ranch or the Strawberry Schoolhouse

Bring some Food? Booze? What Else? Include your name, how many are coming, and what you can bring

Let me know who is coming; and I will email directions, driving directions, etc. I could use a volunteer to stop in Pine at get a cooler full of ice.
  • Alan will fire up some brats on the grill and share whatever beer and booze is in the house, plus chips and his favorite salsa verde
  • Devon is really really looking forward to it. I will bring BLUE MOON & FAT TIRE. (And of course my Mac Book Pro!)
    • Floor for sleeping is fine for me.
  • Alisa is coming! So far I'm flying solo, but C might change her mind. I'll make a nice pasta healthy salad for everyone to share.
    • Hope you can talk her into coming! "hot tub, hot tub, hot tub"...
  • Shelley & Tom will be in route (I think we are dragging Devon along for the shared ride) I'll bring snacky food so we have stuff to pick on when not eating major meals (fruits, veggies, desserty things, etc.)--will plan on swinging by and grabbing ice as well.
  • Biray will be there - not sure what I'll bring. I'll surprise you. It'll be something healthy-ish though.


Gas is 3.00+ a gallon, so who wants to carpool?
  • Devon is willing to drive 3 people, or he is willing to hop a ride with someone else.--he's now with Tom & I...
  • Alisa is not sure on the driving yet. Will let you know. Have a 7 seater-gas guzzler that could haul us ALL up there....but I guess we could all car pool.
  • Alan can give someone a one way ride ;-) laving airport around 3pm. At least you'd not have to wait for me to show up.
  • Biray is driving up with Team Devon, Shelley/Tom