Blogs Are Dead

flickr creative commons photo by digital_trash

Everyone knows that blogs are dead. No one blogs much besides techo geeks and spammers, and what was once the rage in maybe 2005 is way past the peak of hype. Get with the times, get on twitter, facebook, etc. If you think blogs are dead, please give us some insights below and links to corpses and autopsies, evidence that can be used to make a case. On the other hand, if you really believe in the tooth fairy, head over to Blogs Are Alive to make your case.

Brian's links:

Twitter: "I used to be the biggest user of Google Reader. At one point the Google Reader team told me I shared more items than anyone else. But lately it's a rare month I've checked into it and Twitter is in the process of adding a new feature -- lists -- that is getting me off of Google Reader altogether."

The evolution of Facebook privacy

Regarding YouTube and the Downfall video, - the natural product of the pursuit of Google juice

I can only lament the promise of the first Northern Voice